Hard Modelling

More detail for your certainty.

Making forms intelligible!

In the process of finding a form, modelling is an indispensable element. This is where the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional takes place. Our design studios are fully equipped to create digital and physical models. Using CNC-milling machines and digitisation technology, close-to-reality models of complete vehicle interiors and exteriors up to full scale can be created.

Best Quality for certainty

Using hard modelling, a very high quality near-production model can be achieved, which is visually identical to the later product of the serial production process.
Due to the high degree of detail, hard models are used for the final acceptance of the design.

In model making the most modern rapid prototyping techniques are at our disposal, like 3D printing, laminated object modelling, and laser sintering or stereo lithography.


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